Thursday, January 29, 2009

X's and O's -

For a Valentine's felt garland this year, I've made and hung up a cute garland full of X's and O's, lots of hugs and kisses for the season. I thought it'd be fun to have something other than hearts, and what better? I love the contrast between the dark heathered, almost blood red, felt and the stark, simple white felt - love!
This year for Valentine's Day I expect we'll take the two kids and go out to eat good restaurant food, and probably eat a fair bit of Valentine's candy, too!
Gone are the horrible teenage days of wondering if you'll even get a Valentine's card, and if you do whose it from, and is a gag card? Yuck! Also, gone are the days of romantic couple dinners, to a point. Because, now we have children, Valentine's Day is a time to share the love: all things pink, red and sparkly; boxes of candy; handmade cards; flowers; good food; and, maybe a small present full of thought!
What a great holiday!

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Vanessa said...

Love your felt garland!!