Monday, January 26, 2009

whose doll is this?

are you my doll?
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Today I received my birthday present to myself - the very cute petite Blythe doll, Squiggly Squirrel.
She is very small, but very cute. She comes with a squirrel outfit and dress, both of which can be removed and changed if wanted. She has quite a bad case of bed head, so she may be wearing her squirrel cap for awhile, until I feel confident enough to steam it into shape!
But, the real question is - whose doll is this? Xiao Fan sems quite attached already, and she really is the perfect size! Mmmm, we'll see.


agoodwitchtoo said...

I've recently starting coveting a Blythe doll of my own... Which is strange because I never played with dolls as a little girl! Of course Barbie was NEVER as cool as a Blythe either!

Happy Birthday to you!

miesmama said...

Isn't it funny how that happens! She grows on you, and then before you know it...obsessed!!!!!!
I had Sindy dolls when I was little, but was not a huge doll player at all! Maybe we're regressing! :)