Friday, October 24, 2008

fashion friday -

Here's a collection of some beautiful clothes you get at Etsy, since Fall is the time of year when I get a real itch to go and buy new clothes, I thought it was appropriate to do a little window shopping. All the clothes are from, and the boots are from the vintage shop Aren't they gorgeous?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October's featured Etsyblogger is.......

BF Beads! - aka Mama's Magic Studio - yes, Jen has two awesome etsy shops for you to check out!
The name stands for baby friendly beads, and she specializes in necklaces designed to grab the baby's focus and attention while they breastfeed, so they won't pull on your hair, or pull off the privacy blanket while you're in public, a wonderful idea indeed - and did I say that they're just beautiful to wear also, as you can see from the cute purple one in the picture. She also makes clever "reminder" bracelets so you can remember which side to start on first by switching the bracelet from wrist to wrist. How cute is the "gardener's bracelet" to the right, I would love to get that as a gift!
Jen lives in California with her husband and two sweet children - check them out on her blog, not only is Jen a talented jewelry designer/maker and crafter, but she is also a published poet and an aspiring children's author, what a talented lady indeed.
Things we have in common are - readers of Soulemama, listeners of Cowboy Junkies and Sting, and supporters of breasfeeding and attachment parenting. Sounds like my kind of gal!
Make sure to check out both of her shops at Etsy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

meet the new family members -

here they are! The first, a tortoiseshell tiger, is called Suki and her sister, the grey, is called Sen. Both names are from characters in Miyazaki movies, chosen by my children, of course.
They were born on July 19th, and came to us last Thursday. Life with kids and kittens is fun, and nothing , if not, entertaining - chaos rules in our house at the moment, but that's okay.
Suki is a little timid, and Sen has proved herself as quite a lap cat, always ready for a snuggle and a pet. All is well with life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what I made yesterday -

love it!
I was going to use lots of random jewel colored circles of different sizes, and played around with ideas for a while. Then these colors came together and looked so cute, very earthy and Fall inspired.
Am I the only one that remembers what I was watching when making a particular piece? Anyway, this came together while watching Iconoclasts with Richard Branson and Desmond Tutu, a wonderful thing indeed, the idea behind this series is truly genius and it's lovely to watch.
Find it on the Sundance channel, and find my bag at my shop!

waiting for the school bus......

Welcome to my walk to the end of the driveway, to wait for the school bus to bring my sweetie home to me. Fall is just a truly beautiful time of year, maybe it's because all the colors are guaranteed to harmoniously blend together, designed by Mother Earth herself - not the amateur garden designer, "should this go here?".
All my flowers have finally bit the dust, thanks to last weeks visit from Jack Frost, all except a fuschia that had been hanging outside and shall now bedeck the halls inside!
Speaking of decorations, I really must put up the halloween stuff before it's too late altogether.
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things that make me go boo!

This months theme for the Etsybloggers team blog carnival is Halloween, and things in my shop that might scare you! I really love this little scaredy cat, although he really is too cute to scare anyone I think! Maybe my witch isn't too scary either, my daughter dressed up as a witch for halloween last year, so it holds a dear place in my heart!
Talking of Halloween costumes, this year was a particularly indecisive one for my two cuties - will it be someone, or thing, out of Pokemon; or an angel; or a knight; a pirate; a different kind of witch; a princess; a fairy?
In the end they decided on a traditional skeleton and ghost, so they'll both have to practice saying BOO!

"I love acorns " treasury!

How beautiful they all are! I love acorns, and of course it may have something to do with Fall being my very favorite season of all!
The colors of Fall are just so beautiful, and inspiring! Enjoy!
Felt and acorns for me is just a gimmee -
Beautiful painted acorns -
What fairy could resist this wonderful tea set? -
An acorn necklace to charm you -
And, who wouldn't want this work of art hanging from their neck, an amazing necklace indeed - from A Fine Distraction.

mute monday - scraps!