Friday, January 21, 2011

I ♥ love

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Are you ready for Valentine's Day?
Are you feeling inspired to make handmade lovelies?
I'm thinking of making pretty paper garlands to decorate, and I always make a handmade card for my sweetie. This post is also about things I love, like Blythe dolls and Alice in Wonderland, constant inspirations.
What do you love? ♥

the art of joy

This months featured Etsyblogger is The Art Of Joy, and what an awesome shop it is!
It is the creative shop of Joy, who lives close to my neck of the woods in the Capital region of Upstate NY. It is full of really lovely stationary just waiting to be personalised, anything from calendars, to invitations, to notecards. My favorite is the kokeshi dolls, but there's something for everybody, check it out!
Joy also has a supercute blog, where you'll find some lovely free printables, I can't recommend it enough, so go see already! ♥

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet Amelia ♥

Shamefully, I've had her almost a year, but only displayed her out of the box prior to last week! The reason for my hesitancy was my fear of washing her hair! She came to me as an ADG Roaring Red Blythe, who has very tight ringlets piled up on her head, not an everyday look for sure. Last week I read through the 'This is Blythe' forums, and braved it! It went much easier than expected , and worked very well. Her hair is long and a little wild, but I'll brave cutting it later I think!
Yesterday, she braved the snow outside, but decided that she'd really rather be quilting, haha!

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥