Monday, December 29, 2008

Need something to pamper yourself with in the New Year?

Sparkling Champagne Soap
Sparkling Champagne bubble bath

Sparkling Champagne body lotion parfait

What a way to ring in the New Year with a champagne pampering, accompanied by a glass of bubbly too! You can get these lovelies from Spotted Cow Soaps at Etsy. It is a wonderful shop full of handmade soaps and other luxuries to pamper yourself with, and is based in the hills of Vermont and run by the lovely Linda. She is the well deserved featured Etsyblogger of the Month, and you can visit her at her shop, or her blog to learn more about the lovely lady herself, and also more about the benefits of handmade, phthalate free, soaps.
I can attest to the wonderful scents she creates, as I bought some soap, and an organic cotton bath puff, for a holiday gift - it smelled yummy! I think I may need to buy some of the Vanilla Whipped sugar scrub soon for myself, it really looks good enough to eat!!!!
So, do yourself a favor, and go visit Linda soon!
Happy New Year!

a winter song for you -

Winter song by Sara Bareilles

Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts for the birds

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, we did. It was a beautiful low key family day, and the kid's got everything they wished for, and more!
But, we didn't forget our feathered friends either, and gifts were made for them also.
We started with three fir cones, slathered them in peanut butter, rolled them in wild bird seed, and hung them out for our friends.We had some seed left, so we sprinkled it all over a small table on the deck for our other neighbor, the red squirrel.
Did you do something for the creatures of the wild too, let us know what it was, we can always use more good ideas!
Happy Boxing Day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!

So, after dealing with the accumulated 3ft of snow, which makes for a very beautiful winter landscape, just in time for Christmas, they give us the next forecast! Tomorrow is supposed to start with freezing rain (yuk!), which ends in the afternoon, turning into plain old rain when the temps go into the 40's - what a mess it will be! I hope it doesn't ruin our Christmas snowscape too much, what weird weather we're having!
Have a Happy Christmas Eve all the same!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice Moon
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our beautiful new snowflakes

So, after being totally inspired by the wonderful Resurrection Fern blog, I knew we had to make her beautiful lace and ice snowflakes to decorate the deck outside. I had already spied a bunch of lace doilies at my local thrift shop, but wasn't sure at the time what I could with them, then I read the this, and ta-da! I flew back to the thrift shop as soon as it opened again, and the kids and I tied yarn hangers on to the doilies, put them in round pans and added water. We set them up outside to freeze overnight, and this morning out they came, and stunning they are, what a genius idea! We will be able to use them over and over, year after year, who could ask for a better eco-friendly idea in the midst of a very commercial holiday, thanks Resurrection Fern!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January knittting project?

I would like to start a knitting project in the new year, that is a blanket made up of knitted squares, or possibly crochet if I can learn as I go. But which blanket to make? This is my dilemma!
I love the "barn-raising quilt" (pic#1) from the Knitalong book, by Larissa and Martin John Brown, but it sounds quite complicated, and I was thinking of something fairly mindless that just required a lot of repetition to make the final product.
I also love the "mitered square afghan" (pic#2) from Knitting at Knoon.
How to choose? There's also tons more possibilities obviously and I would love to hear any suggestions or advice that you have, please leave a comment and/or a link.

Monday, December 15, 2008

lace and ice

lace and ice
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I found the most beautiful project idea today at Resurrection Fern - an icy snowflake made with lace doilies to decorate yor house with!
I was originally going to try and make, or buy, kissing balls to hang under the deck, but then I saw these! Wow, they're just amazingly beautiful, and simple to make too! My children are going to love being involved in making these beautiful ornaments.
So, if you feel the same way I did when I saw them, here's the link to Resurrection Fern's tutorial, how talented she is!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

my hometown!

Xmas Card
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Here's a beautiful photograph of my hometown, York, England in the UK.
It looks like they actually had a little snow, which is fairly unusual lately. It seems funny now that I live in the northeast of the US, and just had 6" of snow, with a couple of inches of ice on top for good measure and will still go to work later, that over in the UK that dusting - 1" will bring the town to a stand still!
Mmmm now which would I prefer?

decorating for the holidays -

Great Etsy finds for decorating your holiday home!
Rudolf, the scandinavian tomte, is soo cute, with his embroidered belly - I love him!
he's from the shop of Syko at -
The deer Christmas ornament is done in the traditional Ukrainian pysanky method of decorating eggs - certainly not just for easter! So beautiful!
it can be found at the Carlton Art Factory - at
The peace dove ornament is awesome, it's actually a seed card, so it can be planted in the Spring and sprout beautiful wild flowers, how cool is that?
It comes from the think tank of Recycled Ideas at -
The beautiful "Elle and the Snow Dove" art postcard is from the super talented Belle and Boo, how pretty would that be on the mantle. It can be found at -
Today we have a snow day, so it's a great time to decorate, eat cookies and drink hot chocolate - Have a happy holiday season!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

waiting for the school bus

waiting for the school bus
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Okay, so it's still the calm before the storm! We're supposed to get about a foot of snow, it must be waiting for tonight to really kick into gear! My children can't wait to get out the sleds, start making snowpeople and throw snowballs!!!!

Mushroom Fairy House

Mushroom Fairy House
Originally uploaded by poshplushies

How cute is this?
A posh plushie indeed! I can imagine hours of imaginative play with this and a couple of wee fairy folk! Do you see a theme in what me makes me say wow!, only last week I was blogging about a toadstool house cake, mmmm!
If you can't resist, or just want to check out more posh plushies, you can visit her shop at

winter fern bowl

winter fern bowl
Originally uploaded by miesmama

I think I may use this fern shape a lot more in the future, I love it!
I'm drawn to the shapes and themes of nature, and this is a particular favorite. Today it's snowing, and we're supposed to get quite a bit, in the region of 8-12", we'll see! its coming down pretty good already, but my daughter's school bus doesn't get home until nearly 3pm - I'll take a picture to show you later, for all those of you who don't live in the northeast!
I also made a bowl in the same winter white, but with no applique, sometimes it's nice to just be simple!
Have a great Thursday, may it be sunny and bright, or snowy and white!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Window Stars

Window Stars
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I need some stars for my windows!
I'm waiting to get some transparent paper so we can make some cute window stars, it'll be a nice family project. But how pretty are these lit stars? I love them!
It's been so busy around here that we haven't had time to decorate yet, although I do have some beautiful new decorations that I got at the Waldorf school sale last week, I can't wait to share those with you - and my household too, of course!!!
Have a happy advent season!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

snowy stone wall

snowy stone wall
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It's snowing here again today!
Of course, it would start on the day of my first open house, when I have lots of things to do to get ready, and didn't need to have to negotiate bad roads also! Oh well, it's the peril of living in the north east, I guess!
Today will be so much fun, getting together with like-minded and creative friends, for an afternoon of talking, eating, and maybe a little selling! Here's to artisans!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Waldorf's Annual Firefly Sale

I'm so excited, today I'm going to check out the Waldorf school's annual sale from their firefly store - and this year they are having it right on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.
It promises to be full of hard-to-find traditional natural toys from Europe and the US, as well as art and craft supplies - I need kite paper for the lots of window stars we plan on making! - games, natural fiber dols, books, and gifts.
My wish list includes, but is not limited to, a star money book and silhouette lantern; many art postcards from artists like Ruth Elsaesser and Gabriela de Carvalho; wooden frames to hang on the wall........I'll let you know how that works out!
If you're in the area and need info and directions, check out their website at

Thursday, December 4, 2008

even the birds are decorating at my house

even the birds are decorating at my house
Originally uploaded by knitalatte11

I love this artist!
Her work is beautiful, and if you only use a few of her ideas to decorate your house you'll be a very happy person.
She has an amazing blog that provides lots of inspiration, but also lots of tutorials. I discovered her through the Crafty Crow blog, and I'm so glad I did.
So, check out her blog at and she also has an etsy shop at
Also, if you haven't checked out the Crafty Crow blog for daily kid's projects, you must, it's wonderful. (click the button for the Crafty Crow on the right of my page to get there)

Toadstool House Cake

Toadstool House Cake
Originally uploaded by ShamsD

I have cake envy!
I'm not a fancy baker by any stretch of the imagination, but how cool would it be to be able to decorate cakes like this. Not only that, but to receive one would be amazing too!
This confectionery fancy was made for her son's class, WOW! The most I can manage are pretty standard cupcakes, oh well one day maybe.
Now, I'm off for a cup of tea and a lowly muffin!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Open House

On Sunday December the 7th at 1pm to 5pm we are having a collective open house at the Bacon Hill Inn an Massage Therapy in Schuylerville, NY.
So if you're in the neighborhood come visit with us and finish all Christmas shopping.
Katie, the owner of the Inn, will be hosting and offering gift certificates. She specializes in Swedish, Hot stone, and Shiatsu massage, truly a wonderful gift for many on your list, and probably most af all yours! You can check her out, and get directions, at .
Also featured are many local artists, including -
Kirsten from Three Dancing Magpies, will be showing beautiful jewelry including scrabble tile pendants, and mongrammed silver pendants including cute Mom and Daughter gift sets, you can preview her work at .
Doug Klein of Doug Klein Pottery will showing his beautiful work, which is just stunning - check his work at .
Tisha from Aprilsongstress will be there with some new embroidery pieces, check her out at , and also her mother from JustaDuck with some quilted items, check out her amazing old world Rondac Santa's at .
There will be some other special guest artisans I'm sure, and of course myself!, so come and be pleasantly surprised!
We will be providing hot cider and cookies for you to enjoy, so please visit for a chat and browse all the goodies!
For directions , please go to -