Sunday, December 21, 2008

our beautiful new snowflakes

So, after being totally inspired by the wonderful Resurrection Fern blog, I knew we had to make her beautiful lace and ice snowflakes to decorate the deck outside. I had already spied a bunch of lace doilies at my local thrift shop, but wasn't sure at the time what I could with them, then I read the this, and ta-da! I flew back to the thrift shop as soon as it opened again, and the kids and I tied yarn hangers on to the doilies, put them in round pans and added water. We set them up outside to freeze overnight, and this morning out they came, and stunning they are, what a genius idea! We will be able to use them over and over, year after year, who could ask for a better eco-friendly idea in the midst of a very commercial holiday, thanks Resurrection Fern!


agoodwitchtoo said...

What a fabulous idea! And they make such a stunning display!

miesmama said...

thanks, aren't they cool! And much cheaper than the kissing balls I was going to buy!!!

inge said...


This is a creative idea, perfect for my house !!!

Thanks for sharing !!
greetings from belgium