Sunday, January 31, 2010

quilting, revisited

Recently, I have had an itching to start quilting again, and it's been a while! I've never lost the love of quilting however, and had bought an amazing book called 'Patchwork Style' last year and have dipped into time and agin for inspiration and eye candy. Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day to do a little sewing, and I learnt a new technique from this lovely book. The block is a normal log cabin block, but instead of being pieced first, it is sewn directly onto the batting like a foundation. The next thing I love is quilting the block itself, if you're making a whole quilt you still quilt each block first and then sew them together! Love that! I think it'll make it much more manageable through my small sewing machine, very excited to do a big bed quilt like this!

I love these fabrics also, a little of each from lots of lovely designers, purple, and polka dots, for me it doesn't get better than that. Unfortunately, I don't have enough of any to make a large quilt, so we'll see how what it turns out to be part of!

Love this book!
Happy quilting, or whatever craft you're creating with today! ♥

Saturday, January 30, 2010

weekend inspiration - children's book illustrators

Amazing children's book illustrators are this weekends newly found inspiration. I'm definitely going to have to start collecting anything, and everything, from these two super talents!
The first illustrations are by Marc Boutavant, aren't they glorious? I want to go exploring in the first one!

This is Mouk, a little bear who travels the world.

The second illustrator for today is Dahlov Ipcar. I just love the colors she uses, and the deer are just beautiful! What amazingly talented people, I hope they inspired your weekend too! Enjoy. ♥

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a fabulous thrifty find

I went and did a little thrift store bargain hunting lately, and came home with an absolute gem! This fantastic crocheted granny square blanket is big enough to cover a queen size bed, and currently resides on top of mine. I love that it has such a dark background, because it really makes the colors pop. Love, love, looove my new blanket! ♥
One day soon I will teach myself to crochet, and start one of my own, can't wait!
Since all the squares are so different, I think this must have been a scrap blanket. All the colors of the rainbow, tied together by the dark background. It works beautifully, so, never throw away your scraps of yarn, because you never know what wonders you can make with them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a few embroidered lovelies to inspire your day...

Love the frames on these, need to go thrifting for some lovely finds of my own!


You just can't beat foxes!

I've always loved redwork, and acorns, a match made in heaven!

Looooove owls!

I'm feeling inspired by everyones wonderful embroidered projects on Flickr. So, I'm running out to buy some more hoops and floss, have a lovely day! ♥

Saturday, January 16, 2010

loving shadow boxes.....


It's a project that's firmly on my to-do list, but that list grows longer every day!
Have a wonderful long weekend, enjoy! ♥

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I ♥ mint green

I absolutely adore this minty green nail polish - I have to find some to call my own! ♥

I ♥ Blythes anyway, but with this fantastic hair color, does it get any better?


I'd love to get one of these fun cameras to play aound with, any of the fun ones, like Lomo, Diana, or a lovely Polaroid, or Fuji instamax - on my dream wishlist for sure!

Painted birds in lovely colors, first saw this idea on Elsie's blog, love it - need to go thrifting to find my own candidates to be spray painted with loveliness!


Love this bag!

♥ What's your favorite color of the moment, or color combo? ♥

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

spool knitting, and knitting spools....

So, yesterday I actually got around to playing with a knitting spool, and it's great fun! I have never, that I remember, used one before, but once you get the hang of it it's very easy, and addictive! The red and white mushroom/toadstool is by far my favorite, but when I started exploring flickr, I discovered that there are lots of different designs, as well names for them! I really think this may be the start of a growing collection of knitting spools, maybe vintage ones, maybe cute new ones. Can't wait! I think this red braid is going to become a new garland, we'll see - not really sure what I can make with these braids, but they sure are fun to make! ♥




Aren't there some cute ones out there, and who can resist the Spool Family? ♥

Saturday, January 2, 2010

welcome 2010




Here's to a wonderful 2010! I'm hoping to be inspired by all around me, get more organised, especially with time lol, take more photographs, get more creative, learn new crafts and keep motivated. I'm looking forward to a great year with new horizons. ♥