Tuesday, April 29, 2008

here are the bowls!
including one I gave to friend filled with homemade dog cookies for her new arrival -good tidings to Queen Mab in her new home!

bowls, bowls, bowls!

So, I decided to pluck up the courage to post some things on Etsy - a website which I love - and to start a blog - a medium which I also love. Ahhh!
So greetings to my first blog post, and thank you for reading.

I love reading blogs by regular people, like me I guess, about their crafting, or farming, adventures. So here is my meagre try to add to that happy world.

My first Etsy posts are some of my handmade bowls. I love knitting these bowls, finding different colors, ribbons and picking one of my many buttons to embellish it with. What fun!
I'll be making more, the next ones in my future are -
a black one, maybe for a little pirate I know
one for a mother's day present,
and one for an end-of-year teacher's gift to fill with goodies! If my daughter can get her teacher to spill the beans on her favorite color, right know she's being diplomatic and claiming the all!
Maybe good old red will the way to go on that one!

I hope others love the bowls as much as I, I'm very fond of them.