Saturday, September 11, 2010

a wonderful mail day!

What's more wonderful than receiving beautiful things in the mail, sure beats the usual array of bills and junkmail!
From the glorious Ibmomof2 I received my half of the Doll Quilt #9 swap. Isn't it beautiful? Not only did I get the quilt itself, but also some awesome bunting in the same fabrics, a cute candy bar of moda fabric, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and some fabric it was all bundled in. How lucky am I? Loooove it all, and I can't wait to find a special place to hang it.

Also, I got my half from the Potholder Pass 4 swap, from the wonderful Claire WoffDiTo. Not only two beautiful potholders, but also a market tote bag, and a pretty fabric notecard, looove! ♥
Thanks so much Ladies, you really made my day!
Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

Thursday, September 9, 2010

what bird?

Any ideas?
I know it's not exactly a great picture, my small camera has very limited zoom ability, and the birds weren't the thing it decided to focus on! Oh well, does anyone have agood idea as to what kind of bird these are? I've looked through all the warblers and none really match, the strip of color on their wings seems too yellow for most, like the pine warbler. It looked about the same size as the chickadees, so about 5".
thanks ♥
{ Yay, they've already been identified! They are female American Goldfinches! }
{ thanks to the forums at }

Monday, September 6, 2010

Upcoming swaps!

{ the scrappy pincushion swap }

{ the scrappy mug rug swap }

Three awesome new swaps, these mosaics are my faves of each genre and the colors and styles that I'm loving right now, they also serve as the inspiration for my swap partners! I know they look quite similar, but how wonderful to have lots of coordinating goodies coming my way before the holidays, and I'm really loving the red white combo right now, especially with that screenprinted, woodcut look! ♥
I'm also doing a quilt along with the Fat Quarterly team, which I have to cut fabric into a million little pieces this week, and start piecing next week!
Tomorrow is back to school for my two lovelies, and a new schedule for us all will begin, it means not a whole lot of time to myself, but hopefully I'll be able to fit all this in!
Happy sewing! ♥