Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January knittting project?

I would like to start a knitting project in the new year, that is a blanket made up of knitted squares, or possibly crochet if I can learn as I go. But which blanket to make? This is my dilemma!
I love the "barn-raising quilt" (pic#1) from the Knitalong book, by Larissa and Martin John Brown, but it sounds quite complicated, and I was thinking of something fairly mindless that just required a lot of repetition to make the final product.
I also love the "mitered square afghan" (pic#2) from Knitting at Knoon.
How to choose? There's also tons more possibilities obviously and I would love to hear any suggestions or advice that you have, please leave a comment and/or a link.


larissa said...

Thanks for your interest in the Barn Raising Quilt. I'm here to tell you it is mindless as the day is long! Once you start each square it is a matter of knitting around and around and around with a few well-placed increases on every other row. If you have the book in hand, please take a look at the instructions. I always love to see someone making one of these quilts. Each one is a work of art.

miesmama said...

thanks so much for the advice!
I think it has to be the one to make - it's so beautiful - and picking the yarns as I go would be great fun!
I think you just made up my mind! Thanks again!