Sunday, January 4, 2009

finding inspiration in blue and white....

White Christmas
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I joined a group called "A Year in Color", run by the uber-talented ArtsyMama. It runs for the whole of 2009, and every month has a different color/s for inspiration, the color palette for January is blue and white. What a perfect combination for this time of year!
I can't wait to get started, color is always so inspirational, and it'll be fun to be guided and inspired by a talented team of people - soooo much fun!
So, I'm off to find a blank journal, in which I can collect all my color inspiration for this month. I'd ideally like to have one for each month, full of one color combination, how cool would that be!
Okay, so I'm off to play - what will inspire you this year?

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Kari said...

So glad you've joined in the blog and are inspired already. Can't wait to see pages in your journal. Be sure and put them in the flickr pool! LOVE this picture. Gorgeous:)