Friday, January 16, 2009

a new obsession -

I'm not sure when, or why, it really started, but I now have an unwavering obsession with a particular type of doll! Yes, I said a doll! Weird, I know, but if you check out some of the amazing Flickr groups about these beauties, maybe you'll get it a bit more! They are called Blythe dolls, the one above is actually a Petite Blythe, just a wee 4 1/2" tall, and she's winging her way to me from Hong Kong - oh, did I mention that they're made in Japan, and are highly collectible, oh I know I picked a great doll to be obsessed with! Some of the 12" Blythes are sold in the thousands, not just hundreds, of dollars! I also requested a full size one for my birthday, but that will be a surprise which I'll share with you later - I can hardly wait!!!!
Apart from the Blythes, I also love the Pullip dolls, they're kind of similar, but not! You'll have to investigate for yourself, and if you feel an obsession growing, please let me know as I need a fellow conspirator!!!!!!

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