Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doily love!

Dainty doily necklace from Vintage Musings

Lace Necklace from Fox and Clover

Linen wallet from Track and Field Design

Doily badge set from Inkjet
Aren't these lovelies wonderful, all made from inspiration from lace doilies! As you may know I love these kitschy little things, and it all started here, and the temps have dropped low enough to make these lovely things again unfortunately - even though they do look wonderful , I really wish it was spring already. I'm daydreaming about daffodils, crocuses, birds chirping, chipmunks running, being able to bring the table and chairs out onto the grass, sigh...... soon I hope! But for today, it's cold and the snow is constant, it started at about 7am and we have many inches already, and I believe it'll keep going until tomorrow morning, oh joy!
Needless to say, it's going to be a lazy, lazy day, maybe a Miyazaki movie or two, some knitting, and lots of cups of tea! Happy snowy Sunday to all! Enjoy!

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