Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sooooo excited -

Soulemama has a new book coming out, yay! It's so exciting. Hopefully, you've read her first book already, if not go here right now, because it's awesome. This one promises to be just as wonderful also, I have my copy in my amazon shopping cart as we speak, it's only for pre-order, as it's not actually out until August - oh so long! But you want to make sure that you get it the absolute soonest you can, right?
If you're a reader of her blog you'll know how crafty she is, she sews and knits, but it's her re-purposing of items that I find so inspiring, I love to recycle whenever possible, and the cutest things can be made from the simplest of origins. I'm sure you knoiw what it's like when your child's favorite dress has worn out, why not carry on it's life as an adorable doll, or at least a dress, or quilt for a favorite doll. Love it! Now for the long wait, I'll have to forget I saw it for a while to ease the pain. Hehe.

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