Thursday, February 26, 2009

why I started my etsy shop -

The bag that started it all!

I started my Etsy shop last summer, and I was extremely nervous about it - would anyone like my work? Never mind want to buy it! I felt motivated to start selling my work after I got addicted to knitting, I kept wanting to start the next project, and although I loved them I couldn't use them all personally, so why not sell some? It was definitely as leap of faith, because it was an acknowledgement too of viewing myself as a creator, an artist! Wow!
Even though my business is small, it is a huge deal to me, life affirming indeed. Right now, it needs to be small also, since I'm juggling young children and their different school schedules, I need the time to be able to help with science fair projects; spend hours at the local library; spend a morning snowshoeing; having a snow day.
Also, I love the idea of being self-sustaining. Believe me, if I could live off the grid, and the land, I would! I have a very idyllic dream of keeping chickens, growing all our food, personal wind turbines and solar panels, but right now it's really just a pipe dream. But, Etsy can fuel a little of that dream by letting me sell my handmade products.
I love Etsy and all that it does, creating a wonderful community of talented and diverse artists in all mediums from all around the world, and the customers who love to buy handmade and original pieces direct from the artist, and support us. Thank you!


storybeader said...

that's how I see my business too. It's not big, by any means, but it fills a space in my life, and makes me feel complete.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I can see why that bag started it all...very cute!
I too started as a way to sell my ever growing collection...of albums! Yay for Etsy :)

Mommy Bee said...

I'm an off-the-grid kind of girl myself. My hubby and I want to gradually learn how to make lots of things (from furniture to soap) and raise animals and be self-sustaining. :)