Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Etsy Day!

Today has been declared Etsy Day by the world of wonderful sellers who have shops on Etsy, it's not an official Etsy thing, though they sure are excited about it! It was organized mainly by one wonderful seller, SchuGirl.
As a celebration of all the Etsy loveliness my shop is offering free shipping all day!
If there's a possibilty that you haven't shopped Etsy before, today is the day to do it! It's the best of online shopping, the shops are all run by small business', and stay-at-home mom's like me, specializing in handmade and vintage items. There are so many wonderful things to be found, from art, clothing, accessories, bags, vintage goodies, scrapbooks, paper ephemera, children's toys, games, furniture, food, beauty products, soap, yarn, and on, and on........
So go check it out NOW!