Thursday, April 30, 2009

a good thing.... Martha would say! This is now my very favorite magazine, which I first discovered at the annual Waldorf school sale before Christmas last year. It is chock full of beautiful projects, either knitted, crocheted, sewn, you name it, not only for us to do, but also our children. Like the project below, there's a lot they can do from this magazine, how sweet is this hand woven landscape picture with a sheep? Think how proud they'll be to have made one and hang in their bedroom! It's so cute I want to make one myself too.

It's also full of great articles, ideas and links to other loveliness! So go and check it out, here. Because, with magazines closing their doors right, left and center, this is one we must keep alive! It's a really good thing! I know I can't wait for the new Summer issue to come out, and I must warn you, that once you buy a subscription, you'll then have to go and buy all the back issues you missed too! I know, because I did it! Enjoy!

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Three Dancing Magpies said...

After seeing the one you showed me, I did just that and now I have all the back issues and LOVE them. Did you guys make the wall hanging?