Monday, March 9, 2009

what I used to watch as a child -

Maybe I'm biased, or blinded by nostalgia, but the childrens' programs of my youth were so much better than a lot of today's programs. Of course, it was a different country also, so many of you won't recognise this show. But it was a gem! The maker of this show was the late, Oliver Postgate, a genius indeed, and he made many others. I think I'll start a mini series of his works, so check back in later in the week for another installment. Maybe, you'll find a new favorite to add to your child's viewing library, I believe some are still available, or are being reissued. Also, there are Noggin the Nog books here, which are great for reading a kind of Norse saga to your children. Check out the Dragon's Friendly Society, it's a good thing!

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