Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March, in like a lion

Even though I'm desperately waiting for the start of Spring, it's a nice time of year to reflect on the beauty of Winter! We were lucky for this storm, only getting a few inches, even though most of New England was slammed, and boy it's still cold! But, it gave another great opportunity for those crazy enough to participate in winter sports, like snowmobiling; skiing; snowboarding; snowshoeing is more our game and we took our dog out for a winter walk the next day in the local state park, the kids even played on the playground, brrr!
The storm kept the birds hidden for a little bit, more from the cold winds I think, but lately we've been watching the usual Blue Jays; Chickadees; Cardinals; ruffed grouse; ravens, but also a flock of newcomers, Pine Siskins. Ever since we put up a thistle feeder, a flock of usually around 8-9 pine siskins has been dining daily, they're eating us out of thistle seeds quickly!
It's such fun to watch the different birds that come to feed, I highly recommend putting the feeders somewhere, so you can view them from your window easily, especially if you have children, mine are loving spotting the different species. Also, you can help collect data for Cornell Lab of Ornithology, by joing Project Feederwatch, like we did, check it out here!
Enjoy the snow while you can, and daydream about spring flowers and grass under your feet! Sigh!


Diane said...

Your photos are beautiful! I am craving some days of heavy rain to wash away the remnant of old snow and all that dirty stuff they throw all over it! Ha ha. I live in upstate too and it has been COLD!
Love your site.

miesmama said...

Thank you, that's really sweet of you! I know what you mean about the cold, but I hold out hope for the 50 degrees weekend! :D