Friday, March 13, 2009

games we love to play pt2 -

This is a fairly new one for us, the Mystery Garden from Ravensburger, and it was an immediate hit. It looks great, which always helps, and includes fairytale and mythological creatures, which we love. It is an easy enough game for my 4 yr old, yet still challenging for my 6 yr old, and I can attest that it's just fun to play. One person picks a tile - which are made up of small scenes from the board - and the other players have to find out whats on it by asking questions that can be answered with a yes or a no. It is good for learning how to ask good questions to get the information you need, figuring out the power of deduction! We love it! A must have indeed.

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Iris E. said...

We are currently loving two games Pick Picnic, and if you can stand that sometimes the foxes get the chickens, it'll be fine! And just discovered Apples to Apples---again a winner with all of us. Even the non-reader can get a hand with the words. It's a crazy comparison game, with a rotating "judge." We find the youngest among us is a total wild card in this area, which is kind of fun!!!