Friday, August 20, 2010

a nature walk at Moreau Lake

{ beaver dam }
Last week the kids and I went to Moreau Lake and walked some trails, namely the nature trail and also the Mud Pond loop, about 3 miles'ish all told. it was a beautiful day, although in the morning we'd had a humdinger of a thunderstorm, and it kept threatening us with dark clouds on and off. There are many trails at Moreau, and I highly recommend the trip.

{ some kind of dragonfly/damselfly? }
We saw, and heard, lots of wildlife, ( if you can name any of the this posts inhabitants I would love to know, thank you! ) dragonflies, lots of birds, a heron, fish, millipedes, bullfrogs, lots of insects. We're going to start keeping a record in the form of a nature journal of all our nature walks, what fun! I certainly need to invest in some more field guides and get better at spotting different specis though, also next time we must remember our binoculors!

{ water lily }

{ deer having a drink }

{ unusual looking nest }

I wondered who they'd put this nest out for, do you know?

{ shelf fungi }

We all decided it was a great trail, and would definitely do it again, lots to see and hear along the way. Next time we may walk one of the overlook trails to get views of the whole lake and area, although this was just about the right length for the kids, especially since it was very humid that day. Happy trails. ♥


Dan said...

Cool. Lindsay and I hiked their once. We found one trail, didn't know there were a lot of them. We'll have to go back. Cool that you spotted the deer!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

I love Moreau! It's a good snowshoe hike too