Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a snowy winter wonderland -

I guess I can't complain, I do live in the Adirondacks, but I hate it when snow stops me doing things, like going to work! However, there are some in the household that are absolutely loving having a snow day, and all the fun that brings. It may only be the first snow day this week too, since the forecast has us getting another storm tomorrow, and Friday! Oh well, we got about 20 inches today, which was no fun to shovel I can tell you, but it is perfect snowman-making snow, so I'm focusing on the positive, and we do have power! So, happy snow day and enjoy! ♥


BrittanButterfly said...

Is that your house in the first photo? It is beautiful! It looks so cozy in all that snow!!! Have fun!

Dan said...

I second "Brittan"'s comment: you have such a nice "winter holdout." And who needs work anyway? I'm sure if you look under that snow on the branches you'll find plenty of greebacks*

*If that IS actually the case, please let me know so I can, uh, inspect the, uh, health of your trees.