Tuesday, August 5, 2008

java flower clutch bag

All new clutch size bag!
Lately, I've been liking the idea of putting very similar colors together, and this just makes me want to do it more. I love the way this bag came out.
I'm calling it the java flower because of the coffee inspired colors - the felted bag even has a small cream stripe at the very top, above the handles. Even the dollops of white on the flower tips remind me of a cappucino! Hehe.
I had to make another small size bag after my favorite 'purple coneflower' bag sold, and I'm very happy how it came out. Maybe, I should make others exactly like those sold, but it's fun to explore new color options and combinations.
Ah well, that was my creation of the day, tomorrow it'll be more circle art, I have so many ideas for that, and then an even smaller felted bag that you can wear across your chest, and then........
so many ideas, not enough time!
Speaking of time, I'd better go and make the dinner - Have a Happy Tuesday!

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