Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I got the blues!

I made this treasury yesterday that is full of other talented members of the
Etsybloggers Street Team - it came out so well, great colors.

Also, swing by my etsy shop later today, as I'm listing some all new items, and I'm very excited by the new color combination - it's my new inspiration!

I made another sale yesterday -yay! - so new bowls in new colorways will be showing up in the future.

Well, today is a beautiful day and I'm looking forward to taking my children to the library to complete their summer reading list for the week, then we'll walk down to the best ice-cream shop around for some yummy wild maine blueberry in a sugar cone, followed by a long languishing on the lake's beach - that's for me, they'll be doing anything, but languishing I'm sure! It's a good day!

Happy Tuesday!

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