Monday, May 31, 2010

potholder sent

This swap was super fun as always, I received awesome potholders and ot to play with something different in my sent ones! My partner had requested these colors to go with her mostly chrome kitchen. I wasn't going to add that little aqua touch, but I love the look with it, a little pop of color! ♥ I also added a matching teatowel to the package, I hope she loves them. Potholders are an awesome swap item, they're like a mini mini quilt, you get to try new blocks, new quilting, playing with the ways to hang them, new colorways, a win-win for sure!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and happy sewing! ♥


Amber said...

I got them and I do love them...oh so very much! I think that added color is a great touch! Thanks so much! I'm going to post about my awesome potholders once I get the pictures downloaded and uploaded...should be within the next hour! Thanks so much...this potholder pass was super fun! (I love your blog by the way!)

Amber said...

Love your potholders and tea towel in my kitchen! :)