Monday, May 19, 2008

A new bag!

Happy Monday!
Say hello to my new favorite bag / creation, that I finished just moments ago.
I actually started it many moons ago as my first project in a new knitting group, and finished it today with handles and the applique design which seems to be becoming my thing!
Happily the group remains a constant, and very good friendships have been made. It remains to be a source of inspiration and with such wonderful women, also a source of soul nurturing.
It is steered by a great teacher, who keeps us on the straight and narrow of knitting, and brings great ideas for future projects. You know who you are - kudos to you and as my kids would say "you're the best".
Ladies, I think it must be time for a coffee house knitogether! Fancy a chai?
Well, on to ravelry for a while and then the school bus will beckon - knit on!


babyotter said...

It is my favorite new bag! Love the colors, the knitting, and the handles BUT the flower makes it spectacular. Thanks for the kind words and know that your creativity inspires me. So I concur, grab a latte, a few friends and add some knitting - something wonderful happens.

babyotter said...
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